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King Rama IX


5 December 2014

Home of the Siamese Collection, within the private world of Bing Soravij BhiromBhakdi, where things go historical, back to the basics of being Siamese.

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This site began from my research into my own family tree back in 2001, and having a personal interest in the Royal Family of Thailand, as well as the history of Thailand overall. It keeps on expanding when I find some new information that I want to catalogue, and then for the purpose of sharing with family members. When I realised that there is an interest from our friends in the Virtual World, I thought that I might as well make the information public, so that everyone can learn more about my beloved country, Royal Family and the Thai culture. Please feel free to leave comments, as I do try to make the information as accurate as possible. All the information are facts that I have found in books, as well as from talking to the older generations. Articles that are from my personal points-of-view will be stated otherwise. I do hope you enjoy going through this site, and I hope to keep on expanding and adding new information when time permits. In time, my interests have grown to other Royal Families around the world as well as royal knick knacks that came into my possession, so I added a new section - Royal Memorabilia - in 2014 to showcase this collection.

Queen Regent

On 20 November 2013 Her Majesty The Queen Regent Sri Bajarindra has been listed in the UNESCO Calendar of Anniversaries of Great Personalities and Historic Events, 2014-2015.

One-page Essays Notable Events
1. Cartier and the King 1. The Coronation of HM King Vajiravudh (Rama VI), 1911
2. The Royal Yachts of Siam 2. Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, 2006
3. Royal Cremations 3. Remembering Princess Galyani Vadhana, 2008
4. The Crown Prince's Diary 1886 4. Tribute to HM the King on his 84th birthday, 5 December 2011
5. The Four Eldest Princes Abroad 5. Remembering Princess Bejaratana, 2012
6. 20 September Gathering 6. Thailand's Forgotten Queen and the Queen's Family Tree
7. Celebratory Emblems  
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