The SINGHA BEER story told in a Mural Painting

The story of Thailand's first brewery is rendered here as mural painting, an ancient art of story telling.
Historically, murals in the temples around Thailand depicted religious stories and way of life, a way of passing down stories from one generation to the next.
In celebrating Boonrawd Brewery's 80th anniversary in 2013, it seems fitting to go back to Thailand's old roots, and use this most traditional art form to tell the brewery's story in this commemorative year, appropriately drawn by a member of the family that hass passed down their knowledge and expertise through the generations.
There are 12 panels merged into one. Please click on a panel to see a full description on what story is being told in the paintings.
Singha Mural Painting
About the Artist: Ms. Kabkaew Suwannakoot
The traditional Thai form of mural art originated centuries ago and has blended together Thai lifestyles, traditions and cultures to achieve very special Thai characteristics and expresses very traditional Thai style, unique to the Kingdom of Thailand. The art has been revived in the last 30 plus years both in terms of conservation and adaptation to modern days. There are very few women working using this art form. One such lady is Ms. Kabkaew Suwannakoot, daughter of Paiboon Suwannakoot, who has been credited with reintroducing this art form to the modern day society. Paiboon has established the famous "Tankoot" group of artists, which has successfully expanded traditional mural paintings from temples to hotels, offices and private spaces. Ms. Kabkaew's work has been chosen for international exhibitions since 1984.
The idea and artwork has been copyrighted (c) by Bing Soravij BhiromBhakdi in 2012
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