SINGHA...a Thai mythical creature in the form of a LION has been a part of Thai history and nation for as long as anyone can remember. In actuality, it is an animal regarded as King of the Jungle. Figuratively, it is the symbol of Power, Strength, Courage, Leadership, Dignity, Loyalty, Perseverance and Endurance. In fact, it is part of Thai people's everyday life...a SINGHA way of life.
The Singha can come in many forms, both as pure breeds as well as half breeds, living in the Himmapan Forest, a place from the Thai-Indian Folklore, supposedly situated at the foot of the Himalayas.

Below are some of the representations of SINGHA in Thai life.

Buakaw Por Pramuk Wall Mural Singha Yantra
Singha Amulet Mural Painting Singha Cabalistic Cloth
Sacred Book Singha Tattoo Royal Commorative Gateway
Singha in old writings Singha Tattoo Singha Gateway
Silver Bowl Shadow Play Temple door
Silver Bowl Shadow Play Temple Door
Pictures from 2012 Calender, Boonrawd Trading International Co., Ltd. (c) 2012
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