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  "The Siamese Collection" started in 2000 with the intention of researching about members of my own family, but have since grown quite large and include non-family members as well. It seems to make sense to go back to my first intention and list the family members into one page. In the process, I have gathered many funeral books that were commemorative booklets given to guests attending the cremation ceremony. These biographies are part of the Thai culture with the intention of printing important works that was dear or had some importance to the dead, with small biographical facts added at the beginning in memory of the dead person. Some were written exclusively about the dead person. I will try to include some parts of these commemorative books into the site as well. I am very happy that I can trace back 12 generations in some parts, while I can only go up to 5 generations in another part, with so very little information to find. The Thai people are not known for their record keeping, and thus finding this much is something that I am very proud of.


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