The Thai-style Tiara
Tiaras were common in Europe but were only introduced to Siamese Royals during King Rama V's reign, probably after his travels in Europe. Though King Rama V's queens and consorts were in pocessions of some beautiful tiaras, they were only worn as necklaces. The photographs of tiaras being worn by Thai Royal ladies were of the Princess Sri Rattanakosin, King Rama V's daughter, and the Princess Consort Indrasakdi Sachi, Rama VI's consort. It is unknown when this Thai Tiara was made, but as it was worn by Princess Bejaratana, it is thus most probably made during the reign of King Rama VI.
HRH Princess Bejaratana, only daughter of HM King Rama VI
HM Queen Sirikit wore the tiara with an antique ruby suite