Royal Memorabilia


Over time, photographs and knick knacks of royal origins found their way into my possession, so I thought it best to organise them for my own reference as well as for those who might be interested to know about them. It wasn't my intention to build these collections, at first, but since they became collections in their own rights, I sought to add to some when I can afford to. Some are gifts, and some are heirlooms. I had to buy some, because the opportunities just presented themselves, and I could not just pass up the chance to own them where I can afford them. Some just willed their ways to me, which I will explain as part of each individual story, for which I wholeheartedly and excitely welcome with open arms. I count it an extreme honour to look after these objects of historical significance during a short period of their existance, which will definitely be longer than me, and then passing them on to whoever will be tasked to look after them in the future. I just hope that they will love these items as much as I have.

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