Prince Albert Victor
  Duke of Clarence and Avondale

The cabinet photograph by Downey has the Royal Signature, signed "Edward" at top left, dated 1889 showing the prince in the Hussar's uniform, with the bottom part of the photograph cut off.

Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, Duke of Clarence and Avondale was the eldest son of King Edward VII of Great Britain and Queen Alexandra, born on 8 January 1864. He was to be King of England and would have had Queen Mary as his queen. But with his early death, the crown passed to his younger brother who became King George V. Mary went on to marry George, and became Queen Mary. The Duke of Clarence also signed his name as "Eddy" in some known photographs, using his nickname.

Many believed that the prince was "Jack the Ripper," and was said to be homosexual because of his supposed visits to the famous male brothel of the Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889, the same year that this photograph was signed. Both of these claims were never proven, and his name has since been unfairly connected to them ever since. But now, it seems that Jack the Ripper's identity has been identified in 2014 as a Polish immigrant by the name of Aaron Kosminski, from blood sample found on the shawl of a victim. It is also proven that the prince was nowhere near the places the murders took place, as he was either out of town in Balmoral or at a society function. It was thought that a solicitor has fabricated a story involving the prince so to draw attention from his client who was of a high social standing. The connection has stuck to this day.

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