Queen Mary
  Prince Chudadhuj

The portrait of the prince while a novice monk was by Sa-ad, the youngest son of the celebrated photographer Francis Chit, who was also known as Luang Angkani Naruemitr, the first Siamese photographer. Sa-ad was bestowed the title of Kun Chaya Tisakorn by King Chulalongkorn. F. Chit & Son studio was the official photographer to the king, and the photographs from the studio are highly sought after today. The back of the photograph shows the stamp of the F. Chit & Son photo studio. This photo was taken in 1905. Francis Chit died in 1891.

For more information, please visit Prince Asdang's page or Francis Chit's page.

A portrait by Francis Chit in my collection is of King Chulalongkorn on his Coronation Day on 16 November 1873, or 32 years ealier.

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