Queen Mary
  Prince Chudadhuj

The portrait has the Royal Signature at the top left, with a hand written note dated 6 February. The year is not legible. The photoframe is wooden.

Sometimes life plays a trick on you. This is a picture of my wife's great-grandfather, Prince Chudadhuj Dharadilok, Prince of Bejraburna. He was a Chao Fa, a title held by the children of the King and Queen. He had two children before marriage, both direct descendants. He finally married a Royal wife whom did not bare any children for him. The princess was close to her husband's children though. Upon her death, her nephews took most of the prince's personal belongings before his own children had any chance of claiming them. I saw this photograph at an antique shop at River City, Bangkok, and promptly bought it for my wife. She should have all these things, but as I've said, sometimes life plays a trick on you.

For more information, please visit Prince Chudadhuj's page.

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