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  Felix Potin Chulalongkorn Felix Potin Nicolas II

Collection Felix Potin cards were launched around 1900, as a marketing tool to draw people to a supermarket set up by the card colletion's namesake, Felix Potin, a French business person who had a department store business. The cards were of notable individuals of the days which included monarchs and royalties, sports people and celebrities of the day.

King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and Tsar Nicolas II of Russia were great friends. The Tsar visited Siam while he was the Tsarevich, and King Chulalongkorn visited Russia when Nicolas became Tsar. The king sent one of his sons, Prince Chakrabongse, to study in Russia under the care of the Tsar.

It is poignant that these two cards should stay together for this reason, and it seems so when these two came together. Apparantly, the two were parts of a larger collection, and it seems that they were singled out from the initial album.

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