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The signed photograph has the Royal Signature at the bottom center, dated 5 September 1972, accompanied by the original letter and envelope with Jordanian stamps from the King's personal secretary, Moraiwid M. Tell, to the gentlemen who requested the King's autograph.

Hussein bin Talal became King of Jordan when he was 16 years old after the abdication of his father King Talal in 1952. Only a year before, his grandfather King Abdullah I was the target of an assasination on a visit to a mosque in Jerusalem, for which the young Prince Hussein was also present. It was said that the injured prince also tried to go after the attacker. For almost 47 years, King Hussein has tried to bring about peace in the Middle East, and lived through the periods of the Cold War and the Arab-Israeli conflict. He was a notable world figure during his lifetime...a tirelessly hard working monarch that one should look up to, no matter what race, colour or background.

Of note is the letter, dated 10 July 1972, but the photo is dated a few months later on 10 September 1972. The envelope, on the other hand, is stamped 27 Feb 1977, Royal Palace Amman. The letter and envelope is addressed to the same gentleman though, so we can be quite sure that the letter and photo are sent to the same individual but years apart. It looked as though the letter was typed with the intention of sending the photo, but may be the King hasn't signed it at the time. But, once signed, it took nearly 5 years to post. Or, may be the photo was sent separately, and the letter sent after, as the photograph could not fit into the envelope that contained the letter. For what ever reason, these pieces are now together with me.

For more information, please visit Wikipedia's King Hussein of Jordan page and the Telegraph Newspaper article on the King.

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