Queen Mary
  Prince Pravitra

The portrait has the Royal Signature at the bottom right, dated 8th October 1891, by C. Vandyk of 125 Gloucester Road, Queens Gate, London. Damaged at top right corner and bottom left corner.

This photograph is of a very personal nature to me as it is of my great-grandfather, my mother's grandfather, HRH Prince Pravitra Vadhanodom, Prince of Prachin. A good friend of mine, Isorn Pokmontri of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs saw this photograph at the Thai Embassy in Paris. It was among debris and old papers that were to be thrown out. He remembered that it is of Prince Pravitra, so he kindly pulled it out from the trash and kept it for me. I am forever thankful, as this is the only real photograph I have of him. There are probably original photos in the family collection, but my mom, being one of the direct descendants, does not have any. There are only copies. So, this is something really very special.

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