Queen Mother
  Queen Mother

The presentation portrait has the Royal Signature at the bottom, dated 1964 but covered by the frame, in the original blue leather frame with the Royal Cypher at top, by H.H. Plante of London. At the back of the photo is stamped Cecil Beaton Photograph.

This is truly a beautiful photograph by the celebrated photographer of the day, Cecil Beaton. Her Majesty was not exactly a beauty, but her style and personality coupled with her very powerful stance and a very-sure-of-herself demeanor made her a very noticeable and attractive woman. She was the strength for her husband King George VI, who was not borned to be King, but accepted his responsibility after the abdication of his elder brother, King Edward VIII, who neglected his duty to "marry the woman (he) loved." She was what one would expect a Queen to be - strong, clever, witty, and a force to be reckon with. The photograph was dated 1964, when she was already The Queen Mother to her daughter Queen Elizabeth II. Oddly, she signed it Elizabeth R, which would have been the same as how her daughter signed her photographs.

For more information, please visit Wikipedia's Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother page.

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