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These paintings are presently in the Audience Hall of the Chakri Mahaprasat Throne Hall in the Grand Palace. They depict four different occasions of audiences granted to Ambassadorial Delegations from Siam to foreign countries and from different countries to Siam. The paintings represent the beginning of diplomatic relations between Siam and the rest of the world, in the modern age. As I am working in this field, these paintings are especially important to me. Please note that the Siamese delegation kneel down to present their messages, which was and still is the Thai custom involving Royalty - ones head must always be lower than that of the kings and other members of the Royal Family. It might seem strange and akward even today, but to the Siamese and Thai people, it is the utmost respect that one can show our Royal Family.

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Ong Pra Visut Sunthorn, Ambassador in the reign of King Narai (of the Ayutthaya Period), in an audience with King Louis XIV at Versailles

Oil on canvas, c. 1851

Artist: Jaques Edmond Leman

Note: Ong Pra Visut Sunthorn was made Chao Praya Kosa Thibodi later on, and a descendant of his became King Rama I of the Chakri Dynasty

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Praya Montri Surivong, Ambassador in the reign of HM King Monkut (Rama IV) in an audience with Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle

Oil on canvas, c. 1857

Artist: Unknown

Click for detail The Reception of the Siamese Ambassadors at Fontainbleau

Oil on canvas, c. 1856

Artist: Jean Marius Fouque

Click for detail The French Ambassador in the reign of Emperor Napoleon III in Audience with King Monkut (Rama VI) at Ananta Samakom Throne Hall, The Grand Palace

Oil on canvas c. 1866-67

Artist: Unknown