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I made this piece of art as a tribute to my maternal grandmother, Mom Luang Muanchandra Pravitra. She was the second daughter of Mom Rajawongse Moon Darakara, and was married to my maternal grandfather, HSH Prince (Mom Chao) Chitra Pridi Pravitra.

I once saw an artwork in an Architectural Digest magazine, featuring the home of Reinaldo and Carolina Herrera. Mrs. Harrera is one of today's foremost fashion designer, and the Harreras are descendents of prominant families in Venezuela. The artwork was of a lady drawn in pencil (or charcoal), wearing a painted necklace. The only colours were on the necklace, and the rest of the picture in pencil. It was striking. I knew I had to make a similar one but of the young Muanchandra. (Her name means "like a moon") Mom Yai, as I called her, was very dear to me. She was a very simple lady, who enjoyed life to the fullest. I drew her as I imagine how she would look if she had travelled abroad for her education, which unfortunately never happened because her nanny was so reluctant in sending Mom Yai to a faraway foreign land, enough so that the whole plan was called off. In the artwork, I replaced the necklace with a sumptuous brooch, completed with the monogram of the Pravitra family in the corner. It now hangs in the dining room at my house in Bangkok.