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Kingdom's Emblem


The Crest of the Kingdom of Siam was introduced by HM King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) in 1873. It was designed by HSH Prince Pravich Chumsai, son of HRH Prince Chumsai, Prince Sriha Vikrom.

1. At the top centre is the Crown of Siam

2. Beneath the Crown is the Symbol of the Chakri Family - the Chakra (round object) and the Tri (3-pronged knife) in the middle - 1 and 2 together symbolise the Kings of the Chakri Dynasty

3. At right and left of the Crown are 7-tier umbrellas, symbolising absolute monarchy

4. Beneath the Crown is a shield-like shape with 3 divides, the top divide has a three-headed elephant symbolising the North, the Middle and the South of the Kingdom; the lower-left divide has a while elephant meaning Laos, which was a colony of Siam at the time; the lower-right divide has a picture of two ancient knives (kris) one straight and one bended crossed one another meaning Malayu, also a colony of Siam at that time.

5. At left of the shield is a "Kochasri," a half lion half elephant mystical figure holding the umbrella, symbolising the army

6. At right if the shield is a "Rajasri," or the Lion King holding the umbrella, symbolising civil servants - symbols 5 and 6 together are the Defenders of the Kingdom

7. At bottom of the shield is the Noparatana Rajavaraporn Necklace (see details below), worn by all kings, symbolising the Buddhist religion, the core religion of Siam (the necklace is made of gold, 176 cm in length, and has 36 flower heads alternately decorated with the nine gems - diamond, ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, garnet, blue sapphire, pearl/moonstone, zircon/topaz, and cat's eye)

8. Under the necklace is the Chula Chomklao Necklace and Medal (see detail below), which means the Kings of the Chakri Dynasty should protect the dynasty, rule with righteousness, and bring peace and prosperity to the land and its people

9. There are futher symbols of the Crown Regalia placed at different points around the Crest





The Noparatana Rajavaraporn Necklace/Sash

At left, King Rama IV wears the Noparatana as a sash, as do all kings Above, close up of a section

The Noparatana necklace/sash is part of The Ancient and Auspicious Order of the Nine Gems, which dates back to the Ayudhya Era. The Order consisted of two necklaces/sash, one shown above and the other has only one flower head decorated with nine gems, and a ring with nine gems. A nine-gem star was added during the reign of King Rama IV. The king traditionally wears it during the Enthronement Ceremony. There are only 27 sets made, one exclusively reserved for the Chakri Kings, and the rest for bestowment on selected members of the Royal Family and senior high-ranking officials. In the present reign, there have been new designs for it, so the sash is no longer given out.




The Chula Chomklao Necklace and Medal

The necklace and medal together makes The Most Illustrious Order of Chula Chom Klao, which is the highest honour the king could give to whoever he chooses. The honour was introduced by HM King Rama V in 1873.