Chakri Crest Princess Dara Rasmi
Princess Dara Rasmi


Her Highness Princess Dara Rasmi was born Chao Dara Rasmi, Princess of Chiangmai on Tuesday 26 August 1873 to Phra Chao Indavijayanonda, the 7th Ruler of Chiangmai, Lanna Kingdom, and Princess Mae Chao Dhibha Gaysorn.

Chiangmai became part of Siam, and the ruler of Chiangmai presented his daughter, Dara Rasmi, to be the consort of HM King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), as was the practice of the day, to strengthen ties between the two families. His Majesty the King graciously appointed the princess "Chao Chom" or Royal Consort on 4 February 1886. In 1908, the princess was bestowed the title of "Phra Raja Jaya Dara Rasmi" or "The King's Royal Wife Dara Rasmi."

In 1914, after the death of King Rama V, Princess Dara Rasmi asked for permission from HM King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) to return to Chiangmai, where she lived the rest of her life. 

Her greatest role in the history of Siam and Lanna was playing the pivotal role in the merging of the Lanna Kingdom to be part of Siam, which has since materialised into present-day Thailand. Chiangmai is now the second largest city in Thailand after Bangkok.

The princess' descendants have turned her old villa, Daraphirom Mansion, into a museum, keeping her memories alive for future generations.