Friday 9 June 2006

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn taking photos of the crowd gathered in front of the Anantasamakom Throne Hall

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Today has been a very emotional day for the Thai people. I have to say that millions, yes MILLIONS of people gathered at the Royal Plaza outside the Anatasamakom Throne Hall to catch a glimpse of their King. Some camped out overnight just to be sure to get the best possible spot. It is the first time that you get to see people as far as the eyes could see. You cannot see Rajadamnern Road anymore, just people wearing yellow shirts, for the King's official colour is yellow. When the King finished his speech, people just kept chanting "Long Live the King, Long Live the King, Long Live the King."

The chant just kept on going and got louder and louder, it became very emotional. People started to cry. The King and Queen just kept looking and waving from the balcany. I believe Their Majesties were overwhelmed as well. It took a long while before Their Majesties went back inside the palace. The extra time they spent on the balcony was just special. It showed.

I dare say that there are no other Monarchs in the world that receive this kind of love from their subjects. I am really glad though that I have been born into this day and age, and to witness such love. I think we all need the King so much now, especially with the uncertainty of the government. Then again, there is no love lost with the government. Afterall, the King has been with us for 60 years. No one would complain if we could get 60 more.

In the evening, people came out of their homes to light candles in the streets. At promptly 7.19 pm, all Thais throughout the Kingdom lit candles and sang the Royal song. If we can get to see Thailand from the sky, I bet it would be some sight. The whole of Thailand must have lit up for that few minutes!