Commemorative Souvenirs for the King's Diamond Jubilee
The bracelets first came out when there was a political problem within Thailand at the beginning of the year, in asking for support from the King in settling the disputes. They were sold out as expected. A second lot came out for the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, with yellow postcards for people to write their wishes for the King. Again, they were sold out.
60 Baht bank notes come with a certificate and wordings in commemotation of the King's Diamond Jubilee. It is quite normal in Thailand to commemorate such important events with the printing of a special bank note.
Diamond Jubilee Medal These official medals - long strip for the men, and bow for the women are normally worn at official functions. For the men, it is normally worn on the left side of the white "rajpatan" top when attending the Courts Official Ceremonies where it is required to wear full dress uniform. The women could wear the bows with their full uniforms or traditional Thai dress worn at the same functions.