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The Singha Story chronicles the journey of a man, Praya Bhirom Bhakdi, from being a son of an aristocrat who was expected to serve the Crown as a civil servant, instead took a chance in the business sector, and finally built Thailand's first and largest brewery.

From a book that was 10 years in the making, a private museum soon followed, expanding what is in the book into a real life walk through.

The Singha Museum's setting is the abandoned 1967 brewhouse within Boon Rawd Brewery's compound on Samsen Road, Bangkok, that ceased production in 2001. The original 1933 brewhouse is next door, and is under renovation in Phase IV of the on-going project.

Phase I was The Singha Story book, English version, completed in 2015.

Praya Bhirom Bhakdi
The Singha Museum
Phase II was the renovation of the 1967 brewhouse that became the setting of The Singha Museum. Visitors are able to walk in the original German style brewhouse that still houses the original copper vessels. Production stopped in 2001 due to the continuous expansion of the City of Bangkok, turning the area into an industrial free zone. The brewhouse laid neglected and gathered dust as well as junk, until plans were made to turn it into a museum in 2015, the area was then cleared. The museum was completed in December 2016, after some months delay, and saw minor updates in mid 2017. It is currently opened to guests of Boon Rawd Brewery and its subsidiary company, with plans to open to the public only by appointments in 2019. Singha Museum

Phase III saw the renovation of the Tha Naam 1 building, a mixed used building with reception and meeting rooms situated opposite the museum. Another project was to translate The Singha Story into Thai language.

The Thai version of the book was finally completed at the end of 2017, and was publicly launched at the Bangkok Edge Festival in mid January 2018.

The renovation of the Tha Naam 1 building finally completed in May 2018. A new gate, using the original 1930s designed, was also built, enclosing this area into the Singha Museum Compound.

Singha Museum Compound
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