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Three members of the Sucharitkul family became Queens of King Rama V. They were Their Majesties Queen Sri Bajarindra the Regent Queen, Queen Sri Savarindira, King Bhumibol's grandmother and Queen Sunanda Kumariratana, all daughters of King Rama IV and HRH Somdetch Pra Piyamavadi Sri Bajarindra Mata. His Majesty King Rama VI, a son of the Queen Sri Bajarindra granted the surname of Sucharitkul to a cousin, Chao Praya Siri Ratanamontri, on 3 June 1913. The descendents traces the name back to Tan Tao Sucharit Dhamrong, a wife of Luang Asa Samdang, parents of Somdetch Pra Piyamavadi.

The present descendents came from three branches of the family, namely from

    1. Chao Praya Siri Ratanamontri (Hongsa Sucharitkul)
    2. HRH Somdetch Pra Piyamavadi Sri Bajarindra Mata (Piam Sucharitkul)
    3. Praya Raja Bhakdi (Ko Sucharitkul)

Somdetch Pra Piyamavadi Sri Bajarindra Mata, consort of King Rama IV, and mother of 3 Queens of Rama V, grandmother to 2 Kings - Rama VI and VII and grandmother of 1 Queen and 1 consort of Rama VI

The first branch would marry into the Royal Houses of Devakul, Isarasena, Kitiyakara and Sutasna, as well as several aristocratic families. A third generation, Princess Upsornsamarn married the Prince of Chantaburi, grandfather of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, our present Queen.

The second branch became a royal, and mother of three Queens as mentioned above. Decendants of this branch include the Royal Houses of Bhanubandhu, Chakrabandhu, Chakrabongse, Chudadhuj, Chumbala, Devakul, Gunchara, Kasemsri, Kitiyakara, Kridakara, Ladawan, Paribatra, Rabibhat, Sonakul, Svasti, Tongyai, Visuthi and Vorawan - most of the Thai Royal Houses! In addition, many important aristocratic families are included in this line such as Bhirom Bhakdi, Posayananta, Punyaratabandhu, Sarasin and Sukhum, as well as Lamsam, a very prominent business clan.

The third branch includes two consorts of King Rama VI - Pra Sucharit Suda and Queen Indrasakdi Sachi. Decendents of this branch married into the Royal Houses of Sutasna and Pravitra, as well as prominent aristocratic families of Bunnag, Krairikh and Sarasin.

Thai/Siamese families married within their own clan. In the beginning, many royals married within the extended royal family, and then expanded to the aristocratic families. Even today, most still try to find partners within the old guards, thus intertwine the already tight connections.

Note: Kun, Luang and Praya are titles of the old Siamese Aristocracy no longer in used. For more information please visit the Aristocratic Titles Simplified section.


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