• The Crown of gold and diamonds is in the traditional Thai craftmenship.  The pointed spire points up to heaven, representing the king as a god put on earth to look after the people.  The crown is 66 cms high and weighs 7,300 grammes.
  • The Fan and Whip is of ceremonial purposes.  The fan represents coolness and calmness in the land, and the whip of elephant hair represents law and order.  Both objects are decorated with gold and enamel.
  • The Ceremonial Sword is decorated with gold, precious stones and enamel.  It is 25.5 cms long and weighs 1,900 grammes.
  • The Sceptre is made from Thai wood covered with gold in its purest form possible.
  • The Slippers are decorated with gold, precious stones, diamonds and enamel.  They weigh 650 grammes.

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Slippers SceptreSwordFan and WhipCrown