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Prince Kitiyakorn and his mother

Above: Prince Kitiyakara and his mother

His Royal Highness Prince Kitiyakara Voralaksana, Prince of Chandaburi, was born on 8 June 1874, the 12th child and eldest surviving son of King Chulalongkorn. The prince's mother was Chao Chom Manda Uam, daughter of Praya Pisonth Sombutboriburana, a prominant businessman of Chinese ancestry. Praya Pisonth owned the only international ferry opperating in Siam at the time, mainly going between Bangkok and Singapore. He also was in the business of digging klongs or waterways, the main way of travelling in Siam, much like road-building in modern time. It was said that Prince Kitiyakara was the richest of King Chulalongkorn's sons as his maternal grandfather was one of the richest in the land then, and left what would be equivalent to a trust fund today to his only royal grandson.

The prince was one of the four eldest sons of King Chulalongkorn to be sent to England for his education, finally reading Oriental Studies, Pali and Sanskrit at Balliol College, Oxford. On his return to Siam, he became Minister of Finance, a Member of the Privy Council for King Rama V and later on Rama VI, and was the President of the Commission for the Advancement of Commerce and Minister of Commerce. He is remebered as the forefather of the Thai Ministry of Commerce.

Prince Kitiyakara had 5 consorts, 24 children - 14 sons and 10 daughters. The prince's principle consort was Princess (Mom Chao) Absornsamarn Devakula, daughter of The Prince Devavongse Varaprakarn, a noted and well respected Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The descendants of the Prince of Chandaburi uses the surname of Kitiyakara, among whom Her Majesty Queen Sirikit is a descendant.

His Royal Highness died in 1931, in Paris at the age of 57.

พระเจ้าบรมวงศ์เธอ กรมพระจันทบุรีนฤนาถ

Prince Kitiyakara at Balliol Young Prince Kitiyakara
Above: Photo of young Prince Kitiyakara at taken at Balliol College, Oxford, from
Prince Kitiyakara


Kitiyakara pendant

Prince Kitiyakara

Right: Original albumen photo of young Prince Kitiyakara mounted on card, taken in London.

Left: The prince signed his name at the back, dated 20 March 1893

Prince Kitiyakra with sons and newphews


Prince Kitiyakara, seated on chair to the right of the photo, with his children, newphews and nieces. Among them are (1) Prince Nakatra Mongkol Kitiyakara, his eldest son and father of HM Queen Sirikit, (2) Prince Suvinit Kitiyakara, his youngest son, who is my wife's maternal grandfather, (3) Prince Chumpot Paribatra, (4) Prince Kalayanawongse Pravitra, and (5) Prince Chitrapridi Pravitra, my maternal grandfather


Prince Kitiyakara's family Prince Kitiyakara letter
Prince Kitiyakara's family photo A hand-written letter from Prince Kitiyakara
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