Saturday 10 June 2006

Their Majesties the King and Queen and members of the Royal Family again presided over official ceremonies at the Amarindra Vinitchai Throne Hall in the Grand Palace. It was a long one, almost two hours long, as it included both a Buddhist Ceremony and a Brahmin one. First, the ceremony included the raising of ranks for 69 Buddhist monks, a normal thing for a very special occasion. Then there was a blessing ceremony for the Royal Regalia, which is very rare to see. The Brahmin Ceremony is a very ancient one, including the circling of candles by members of the Royal Family, the Privy Council and high ranking government officials. I believe that Thailand is the only country in the world where we incorporate both Buddhist traditions with Brahmin ceremonies. I am happy to see that this is still practiced in the Kingdom and continues to be so for a long time to come, as since the end of absolute monarchy in 1932, the then government has cut down over fifty percent of the traditional Court Ceremonies. I believe that these ceremonies together is the core of our ancient culture.