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Khun Poom Jensen

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Poom or Bhumi Jensen was born on 16 August 1983 to The Former HRH Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya and Peter L. Jensen. Khun Poom, as he became affectionately known, lived in San Diego, California with his parents and two sisters until 2001, when he moved to Thailand with his mother, after her separation from Peter Jensen. He accompanied the princess to many official functions in the Kingdom during the few years he spent in Thailand. He was one of the many victims of the Tsunami that hit the South of Thailand on Boxing Day, 2004, while accompanying his mother to a function and some relaxation at Khao Lak, the worst hit area of Thailand.

Nation Newspaper, 28 December 2004,

Her Majesty the Queen, Khun Poom's maternal grandmother, attending the funeral rites, the Nation Newspaper.
The Royal Family
Pictures from the Royal Cremation Ceremony, 30 April 2005
The procession and the public